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ANTHRO is a bimonthly online magazine, a showcase for the internet's finest anthropomorphic stories, art, reviews, columns, and anything else we can find or create! | 487 hits | [Y] [F]
Bad Dog Books

Bad Dog Books is a publishing house for the anthropomorphic, 'furry' community. BDB publishes FANG and ROAR, an erotic and non-erotic serial anthology of furry fiction, as well as select novels. | 470 hits | [Y] [F]
Quotes from FurNet

A quotes page from FurNet | 475 hits | [Y] [F]
Renard's Menagerie

Renard's Menagerie is brand new fiction magazine, focusing on anthropomorphic stories. In this case anthropomorphic means more then just furry stories. We accept all type of anthropomorphic stories and characters. From werewolves to talking cat mysteries, they all come under the umbrella of anthropomorphic. | 425 hits | [Y] [F]
The Redwall Encyclopedia

Featuring a complete alphabetical index of every character, place and artifact in the books by Brian Jacques. | 332 hits | [Y] [F]