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Foxee .net

is a friendly interactive cartoon fox Microsoft Agent character! Come here to make friends with her, purchase her, or learn about her project! | 1259 hits | [Y] [F]
Lion of the Sun

My name is Lionel, and I have been creating masks, armor, and other costume pieces for several years. Recently, I decided to branch out onto the Internet and begin taking orders this way. I'd love nothing more than to help you make your dreams come true. | 553 hits | [Y] [F]

Purgatory: The Art of Stephanie M. Hahn a.k.a Synnabar | 629 hits | [Y] [F]
The Hypnotic Beast

Hypnotherapy for furs. | 5843 hits | [Y] [F]
The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co.

Fun and inexpensive furry computer games from The Wyrmkeep Entertainment Co. | 505 hits | [Y] [F]